TabOnline Soccer 10 BettingSoccer 10 is an innovative and great way to make money with your soccer bets. Now that you can bet on Soccer 10 online, the process has been made much simpler. Previously, SA punters had to travel to local Tab betting stations to place their wager. Presently, you can find the latest Soccer 10 fixtures online and bet to receive a massive payout.

Find out how to play Soccer 10 online in our guide, along with tips and predictions from our expert gamblers. Soccer 10 betting is not difficult to understand. Bettors merely need to predict the winner, loser or stalemate in a series of 10 matches. You can find the Soccer 10 pool from local Tab stores as well as official Soccer10 betting websites on the net.

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What you will find on our Guide:

How to Play Soccer 10

Similar to the other TabOnline soccer games, players need to predict the results of the 10 fixtures that the operator promotes. On the Soccer 10 betslip, there will be as many as ten matches. This means players need to ensure that they mark the correct group. The grouping goes from M1 right through to M10. The minimum bet is set at only R2, with the option to select multiple bets. For each multiple entry, players need to add an extra R2.

Soccer 10 Fixtures

Our recommended betting sites feature the latest Soccer10 fixtures that you can select from. We’ve provided SA punters with soccer 10 tips from the number of top picks. Now we recognise that we cannot always get it right, however, our predictions are always based on extensive research and expert analysis. Alongside the Soccer 10 fixtures, you can find Soccer4, Soccer6 and Soccer13 bets online.

Soccer 10 Tips

Players should note that the Soccer 10 payout is generated from a nationwide pool. This means that the payout can literally be millions of Rands. To date, the record payout stands at R2,106,857. In order to get your hands on the money, players need to follow these tips to win:

  • You do not have to get all of your predictions correct. The payout is divided into two:
  • You will get 80% of pool if all 10 matches are correct
  • You will receive 20% of pool if any of the nine matches are correct
  • Before betting, check out the Soccer 10 predictions from the experts and soccer analysts that watch the different leagues every week. You are likely to make a better choice if you have more information.
  • Get the latest Soccer 10 score online in order to bet wisely. This also means that you can find archived results of the same match and see how the previous result turned out.

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