Sportstake 8 Tips and PredictionsSportstake 8 is a brand-new soccer prediction game launched by the Ithuba National Lottery operator of South Africa. It follows the success of the Sportstake 13 game just with fewer teams to choose from. The structure of the two soccer result prediction game is a little different, with bettors tasked with predicting the outcomes of the first half and second half in order to win. The operator compiles a Sportstake 8 pool of matches from the top leagues around the world.

SA Bettors can browse through the latest Sportstake 8 fixtures to find out which matches form part of the top picks for the weekend. Go through our guide to learn how to play Sportstake 8 online. Players have the option of going to their nearest lotto retail store to get a fixture list or simply register to play online. Here’s a list of betting sites in SA that you can visit to bet on soccer matches online.

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What you’ll find in this Sportstake 8 Guide

How to Play Sportstake 8

SA punters are in for a treat when they play Sportstake 8 game. The lottery operator selects 8 fixtures from top soccer leagues for players to bet on. The gamble is to predict the outcome of both the first and the second half results to win. You can get the fixture list at accredited National Lottery stores. Alternative, you can play online on the National Lottery website as well as use your mobile device. Follow this step-by-step guide and place your bet today:

  • Pick the outcome of the first and second half results from the selected matches on the betslip.
  • The betting options are displayed as (1X2), which represent a home win, a draw and an away win.
  • A single-entry costs R2. Players have the option of selecting multiple entries and paying for every entry by adding R2.
  • The maximum wager that players can make is capped at R2000.
  • You can find the Sportstake 8 results

PROPICK Sportstake 8

When you are not confident in your selections, you can choose the PROPICK Sportstake 8 option. It’s very easy to learn how Sportstake 8 PROPICK works. A computer-generated result predictor picks the outcomes of the different matches on your behalf. Some players prefer using the PROPICK Sportstake 8 option because there are no biases that the computer uses to choose the winner. Complex algorithms are used in which factors such as team history, head-to-head results and current form are conditions used to determine the result.

Sportstake 8 Predictions

A number of expert tipsters provide players with predictions for midweek and weekend games online.  You can use these betting predictions to select the winner of each half and make a more informed decision. It should be said that you cannot trust all of the forums that advertise themselves as the best predictors of soccer matches. While our track record speaks for itself, we understand that there are no guarantees. We make our predictions based on the years of experience betting on soccer matches and provide our expertise for free.

Latest Sportstake 8 Fixtures

The National Lottery website features an update Sportstake 8 fixture list that players can use to bet on soccer matches. The fixtures are generated from the best 8 soccer picks from different leagues around the globe. You can find top picks from the English Premier League, Premier Soccer League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and many more.

Sportstake 8 Results

Once the fixtures for midweek games have been completed, you can get Sportstake 8 results from the local retail store or online web page to check if you’ve won. In order to win the jackpot prize, you need to predict all of the matches on the betslip correctly. However, getting 13 of the total 16 outcome guarantees that you get something. According to the rules of the game, all SPORTSTAKE 8 results are only considered as the final outcome at the end of each 45-minute half. This includes the referee’s added time. However, it excludes extra-time or penalty shootouts played out during cup competitions.

Sportstake 8 Prize Pool and Payout

The prize for the winner of the Sportstake8 is divided according to the number of results that a player got correctly. In total, there are 4 divisions that receive an allocated payout:

  • Division 1: predict all 16 first and second half outcomes correctly and you will form part of division 1 winners. This division shares 40 % of the total win pool funds. Should there not be a winner, the funds are rolled over to the next Sportstake 8 draw.
  • Division 2: if you get one result incorrect but get the remaining 15 predictions correct, winners will share 20 % of the total win pool funds. If no winner is available, the pool prize is split equally between the lower Prize Divisions 3 and 4.
  • Division 3: predict 14 results correctly and share a total of 15 % of the prize pool. If there are no winners, the funds are rolled over to Division 4.
  • Division 4: get 13 predictions correct and win 25 % of the prize pool money.

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