Top Golf Betting WebsitesGolf betting is where the gentleman’s sport and online gambling intertwine. Watch professional golf players hit birdies and bet on the overall score. Betting on golf matches in not a new phenomenon. It is one of the sports that have a rich vein of history, with plenty of markets to bet on. Unlike most sports, golf doesn’t have a specific league or season where it is played. There are different competitions that take place around the world. Some of the annual golf tournaments that you can bet on include the British Open, Ryder Cup and many other major tournaments that pack enough action all year round.

Top Golf Betting Websites South Africa

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Golf Betting Odds for South Africans

Golf has a huge following in South Africa, with some of the local golf tournaments attracting the best pro golfers on the planet. Gamblers that bet on golf online has expected to stake a few Rands during a match on the golf course and predict the winner of the tournament. The Players Golf Association (PGA) has an annual tour that it conducts, featuring lots of high-profile players every calendar year. Some pro golfers that take part in the tournaments also visit domestic golf tournaments in South Africa. Even though most golf bettors know there’s big money to be made on the US Championship tournament or the PGA Tour competitions, betting on golf South Africa tournaments also has its perks.

Golf Betting Tips Online

How to Bet on Golf Online

Before you sign up and stake on golf betting games online, you first have to know what you are doing. We have provided an easy to learn golf betting guide for beginners to acquaint themselves with the different golf betting lines. Follow our guide to the tee to avoid common betting mistakes:

  • Golf Tournament Winner – this is a wager on the golfer to win the tournament. Before the golf tournament begins, bettors will be given odds on which player is the favourite to win when all the points are tallied.
  • Round Leaders – this bet is unique to golf, in which you bet on the player that will win the first round at the SA Open for instance.
  • Golfer Nationality – SA bettors wager on which player will win based on the country that they represent. An example would be betting on an American to win the European Tour because your golf prediction is that Tiger Woods will win.
  • Match-up Winner – bookmakers pit two top golfers against one another and offer odds on which golfer will win the match up.
  • Golf Parlay Betting – just like in other sports betting markets, you bet on several outcomes to happen in the same ticket. You can combine the match-up bet along with the round leader wager to increase your potential win.
  • Golf Betting Futures – you will have to predict the result of the PGA Tour before it even began. Golf futures relate to betting on results in advance.
  • In-Play Golf Betting – live golf betting pertains to the ability to wager on the next putt as it takes place in real-time. In game bets in golf are unpredictable.
  • Golf Prop Bets – players can bet on events taking place in and around the game. These bets are not restricted to what happens on the field, thus add more fun to speculating on the bets.

Golf Tips & Strategy for Beginners

Betting on golf tournaments in South Africa is growing in popularity and bettors need to understand that it is not all about betting on famous golf players. With golf superstars such as Phil Mickleson and Rory McIlroy that have transcended the sport to become brands in their own right, they are pegged as favourites all the time. You will be glad to find that there’s a new crop of players that are dominating the sport and the old guard’s powers are waning. Here are some strategies we’ve found to be helpful from our expert golf tipsters:

  • Learn about the sport and what it takes to win. Golf is a numbers game, whoever scores in the least amount of shots wins. While this may seem simple to grasp, there are layers of information that bettors need to know.
  • Follow each player’s profile and how they performed in previous tournaments. If you are sure that a player is in a steady decline or vice versa, then you can bet accordingly.
  • You can trust your fellow man in golf betting, as generally bettors share the same information. That means that when the odds are heavily stacked against a particular golfer, you should refrain from placing that bet.

Domestic Golf Tournaments

Players like Ernie Els have dominated domestic golf competitions such as the South African Open Championship. He is the only South African to have won the competition more than twice post-apartheid (won it five times). The best golf gambling sites typically make him as an odd favourite to win in most competitions.

Nedbank Golf Challenge Betting

For South Africans looking to bet on the premier golf competition in the country, the Nedbank Golf Challenge is the bet to place. You won’t need to do much, simply select your chosen pro golfer (e.g. Tim Clark, Rory McIlroy), set your bet and win big!

International Masters Golf Betting

There’s a wide range of golf betting market to choose from over and above the four majors. The golf calendar year includes the British Open Golf, the Ryder Cup, and many others listed below.

  • Ryder Cup
  • US PGA Championship
  • The British Open
  • US Open
  • The Masters
  • European Tour
  • PGA Tour