How to Bet on Baseball and WinBaseball betting is largely popular in South Africa because it is one of the major professional sports leagues in the US. There is a huge budget that is dedicated to the sport, along with broadcasting it worldwide. Every year during summer in America, Major League Baseball (MLB) kick starts the regular season games. As one of the oldest of the four major leagues in the US, it has fans spread across the globe. South African fans can turn their fascination with home runs and make money betting on baseball.

Learn how to bet on baseball matches online by going through our ultimate baseball betting guide. You will find a baseball betting formula for every betting line to help you win. Additionally, we have collected the best baseball betting sites in South Africa to wager at.

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How to Bet on Baseball and Win

Baseball gambling is not that complicated, and we’ve got the basics to prove it. Understanding baseball betting lines are the first step to winning every time you bet. Get an idea of which lines to pick the next time you tackle baseball betting for profit. Below are all the baseball betting lines explained so that beginners can make more informed bets online:

  • Baseball Moneylines – betting on the MLB money line literally means you predict the overall winner of the game. You will realise that backing the favourites does not pay out as much. However, pick the underdog to win and see your stake multiplied ten folds.
  • Betting Totals in Baseball – if you can predict the overall score of the match, you will win loads of cash prizes. Baseball totals involve betting on whether the match will finish with over/under a certain number of points.
  • In Game Baseball Betting – with these bets, punters do not have to worry if they missed the pre-match bets. You can make live bets on the score as well as the overall winner as the game swings with every home run hit or strike out of your favourite player.
  • Baseball Futures – pro baseball gamblers have figured out which teams generally have what it takes to win the series before it even stars. With this bet punters predict the winner of the tournament before the games are played.

Baseball Betting Strategy & Tips

You can reduce the number of times you walk away empty-handed when betting on baseball matches by following a basic strategy. You can create your own baseball betting formula based on your research or you can use our strategy from our expert tipsters. We’ve formulated these strategies looking at years of betting patterns, baseball history and the form that teams present at different intervals in a season.

  • Player’s form – baseball is largely dependent on a player feeling good about his swing or throw. Typically, when players are in a rich vein of form, they hit home runs like its nothing. The adverse is also true when they are in a ditch, it is difficult to pull them out of a losing streak. Punters should study the individual player’s contribution to the team.
  • Season Intervals – generally, players leave their best performances for playoff games and finals where anything can happen. Granted, teams have to perform well during the regular season to make it to the playoffs. However, they kick into another gear when its post-regular season games.
  • Follow the Teams – punters should look towards sustaining enough interest in the league, with 162 games each season for each team. As part of your research, follow each team’s roster and the starting pitchers as well as batters.
  • Baseball Line Shopping online: do not settle for baseball betting odds that do not payout big. Search the internet for the best line you can find for each baseball game you bet on.