Best Lucky Numbers Betting SitesSA punters enjoy testing their luck at cracking the jackpot prize betting on lucky numbers. There is no secret formula to winning, all you need to do is guess the correct numbers to win.  South Africa bettors already know how to bet lotto numbers, which is basically the same procedure. For players that are not familiar with how lucky numbers work, our guide has all the tools for betting on numbers.

Check out our lotto tips and tricks to win betting on international lucky numbers that pay out big. We feature a list of international lotto numbers markets that you can find at SA sports betting sites online. Learn how to bet on lucky numbers 247 and the different variants of the game. Place your lucky number bets today and find the results online.

Where to Bet on Lucky Numbers?

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How to Pick Your Lucky Numbers?

Before you place your bet on lucky numbers, you need to know the different markets that are available in South Africa. The most popular lotto lucky numbers take place at different times in the day, with players keen on increasing their chances of winning by betting on multiple tickets and different markets. Here’s a list of the best lucky numbers in ZA that take place daily:
lucky numbers results

It is important to remember that each market has its own rules and regulations that govern the game. Some lotto numbers games have three balls, five balls and seven balls that players have to guess correctly. In each draw, you can predict the bonus ball to win big. You have the option of picking whether the number will be High (26-49) or low (1-25) value. The betting odds become much more interesting as you go, with the option of predicting whether the bonus ball will be a single-digit or more.

Lucky Numbers for Lotto Today

Now that you have an idea of how to win the lotto SA, you need to know the rules that relate to the different payouts. You can pick from an exclusive collection of 603 lotto draws every week with max payout valued at R10 million. Make sure you bet in time before the draw closes. The great thing to remember is that the lucky numbers payout is fixed and it is not dependent on the number of players that placed their bets. You have the option to bet on a single number all the way to the total list of seven numbers. Here’s how the odds are distributed in a 7-lotto ball draw:

  • Single Number – pays out five times the original stake plus your bet when you win.
  • Two Numbers – pays out 52x your total bet amount including your wager.
  • Three Numbers – out of seven balls drawn will get you 400 x your stake plus your bet.
  • Four Numbers – guessed correctly will give you 3000x your stake including your bet
  • If you predict the Bonus Ball number, your stake will be multiplied 47 times plus your original bet.