EPL Betting Odds OnlineThe English Premier League (EPL) is the most watched and competitive football league in the world. It is the highest tier of domestic football in England. Each team that forms part of the 20-member league has a chance of winning the trophy. Leister Football Club was the last soccer team to win pegged 5000/1 to achieve the milestone. South African bettors can find English Premier League betting odds from top betting sites to wager at. Our experts provide betting tips and predictions on the Barclays Premier League games.

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English Premier League Betting Odds

Screening through countless amounts of soccer betting sites to find the exact wager you want can be a dread. When you’ve figured out which team you will win, all you want to do place a bet and win. Luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for SA bettors’ convenience by listing only the best South African betting websites that offer the very best odds on Premier League games. If great lines, quality service and fast returns are what you’re looking for, you can stop the search here.


Barclays Premier League Table and Scores

South African bettors can sift through a list of the latest results and live scores from all the Premier League fixtures that we feature. The log standings are helpful in giving bettors insight into the form that a team takes into a match. If a big team suffered a loss in their previous game, they are likely to bounce back on the next match. In the same breath, if they have recorded a string of losses over a period of time, this spells out trouble in the locker room and it may continue to lose games. Sift through our betting guide to find the best betting predictions from our expert tipsters.

EPL Betting Odds 2019

English Premier League Betting Predictions

The Premier League is the most competitive league in the world for a reason. This is because you can never guess which team will win the league. The 2015–16 premier league season saw a non-fancied Leicester City team win the league in a 5000/1 odds of achieving the feat. Call it luck, but anything can happen. There are the so called big six that are always in the vying for top honours every year. This includes Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea Football Club.

EPL Betting Tips

With some of the best players in the world plying their trade in the premier league, it becomes difficult to predict the next results of matches. We’ve collected a few tips from our expert gamblers that will assist bettors in making informed bets online:

  • Whatever you do, do not make a bet based on the soccer team you support. Emotional bets always lead to massive losses and they tend to have a ripple effect. Players tend to fall down a pit of bets for a large sum of money trying to recoup their losses.
  • Derby matches tend to be tempestuous and unpredictable. Rather, bet on the score of the match and a possible red card taking place as opposed to the match winner.
  • Premier league managers come and go all the time. This is also apparent for players too. Make sure you keep up to date with squad changes and if a manager is sacked or not.
  • The players that are always on the score sheet are your best friend. Bet on players to score and earn money with each goal. You can also earn way more by predicting the eventual top goal scorer of the 2018/2019 league season.

Past Barclays Premier League Winners

League SeasonWinnerRunner-Up
2018-19Manchester CityLiverpool
2017-18Manchester CityManchester United
2015–16Leicester CityArsenal
2014-15ChelseaManchester City
2013-14Manchester CityLiverpool
2012-13Manchester UnitedManchester City
2011-12Manchester CityManchester United
2010-11Manchester UnitedChelsea
2009-10ChelseaManchester United
2008-09Manchester UnitedLiverpool