Bundesliga Betting Predictions 2019The Bundesliga is the premier league of German football. Betting on the Bundesliga football matches is a great way to test your knowledge on Deutsche soccer. South African punter will note that the Bundesliga is one of the top five leagues in Europe, which means it features the best talent from all four corners of the globe. Bundesliga teams are some of the most revered soccer sides in the world, always contesting the premier continental competitions very single season. Find out what our expert soccer tipsters predict for the 2019/20 season to help you make wiser bets. We featured Bundesliga odds winner and who to bet on to claim the top goal scorer prize.

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Bundesliga Table & Schedule 2019/20

The Bundesliga has 18 teams in total, all having different milestones when the season begins. The most successful German side is the current defending champions, Bayern Munich. They have won a total of 27 titles and won the last six consecutive league titles. They are the outright champions with most bookmakers before the season even begins, which means that it is a safe bet with almost money back guaranteed.

As we all know, in sports betting nothing is ever guaranteed. The last team to stop the Bavarian’s monopoly of the Bundesliga was Borussia Dortmund. They are always in contention for the league and form part of the German ensemble that represents the Bundesliga in the Champions League as well as the Europa League. You can place your bet on Dortmund having a say in things alongside Borussia Mönchengladbach, Werder Bremen, Schalke 04 and VfB Stuttgart.

Bundeslia Betting Odds

German Bundesliga Odds

The Germany Bundesliga betting odds have been made interesting by some of the financial investments that have been made in recent years. Teams have bolstered their squads and now more than ever, it’s difficult to read the German premier league winner odds. Of the 18 teams in the league, the three best teams automatically qualify for the UEFA Champions League competition and the fourth team has to play the qualifiers. The fifth and sixth sides play in the Europa League while teams will want to avoid getting the chop at the bottom. All of these permutations make betting on Deutsche football interesting.

Bundesliga Predictions 2019

Our soccer betting experts see no reason to believe that Bayern will relent in their attempt to retain the Bundesliga for a record seventh time in a row. They have assembled the most expensive squad in the league and have top marksman in Robert Lewandowski. Put your money on him to be the top goal scorer of this season’s Bundesliga competition. Borussia Dortmund will push the Munich side to the death and won’t make things easy.

German Bundesliga Past Winners

League SeasonWinnerRunner-Up
2018/19Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund
2017/18Bayern MunichSchalke 04
2016/17Bayern MunichRB Leipzig
2015/16Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund
2014/15Bayern MunichVfL Wolfsburg
2013/14Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund
2012/13Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund
2011/12Borussia DortmundBayern Munich
2010/11Borussia DortmundBayer Leverkusen
2009/10Bayern MunichSchalke 04
2008/09VfL WolfsburgBayern Munich