Rugby Union Betting SitesYou’d be forgiven for thinking that only Rugby Union betting is available at top South Africa bookmakers. That just shows how interesting the stakes are in Rugby Union competitions. The unpredictable nature of Rugby Union games makes it not only a must-watch rugby league, but it is incredibly fraught with winning potential for fans. Get the right start to your rugby union betting career with our in-depth guide to learning how to bet on rugby union matches online. Our expert rugby tipsters provide rugby betting predictions of all rugby union tournaments in the calendar year.

Best Rugby Union Bookmakers SA 2019

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How to Bet on Rugby Union Matches

South African bettors will enjoy the spread at our recommended top Rugby Union betting sites. With all the numbers that get to be thrown around, it may be a daunting experience for a beginner.  We’ve listed a couple of the most popular rugby betting markets that are available online. Go through our list and ensure that you fully grasp what each bet means before your next rugby stake.

  • Rugby Moneyline Bets – if you have placed a bet on sports matches before, you will have an idea of what money line betting is all about. It’s basically placing a wager on who will win a particular match up. In Rugby games, punters will mostly use the 1×2 form of money lines, which means that they bet on the game ending in a win for a particular team or a draw.
  • Rugby Totals – some punters may be more familiar with over/under in relation to this type of bet. Basically, bettors attempt to predict whether a match’s overall scoreline will exceed or remain under a predicted scoreline. It is important to note that the score involves adding both the half-time scores and full-time result.
  • Spread betting rugby union – this betting market is popular seeing as punters can predict how many points a team will get with great accuracy. Predict match points as well as how many points the winner of the tournament will get.
  • Prop Bets – these are bets made on specific happenings taking place in a match. It could mean placing a bet on who will score the next try or if a player will score a hattrick of tries. It all depends on what bets are available at a specific site.
  • Rugby Futures – Once you have consulted the oracle and have knowledge of who will win a tournament before it even starts, future bets are for you. Predict the team with the best odds to win the cup after all the points have been counted.
  • Handicap – bookmakers use their algorithms and discretion to even the betting odds by adjusting the favourites’ odds. Therefore, a bettor’s wager will only win if the rugby team wins by a certain scoreline.

South African rugby union

Rugby Union Betting Odds

Our expert tipsters provide free prediction on rugby union betting matches throughout the calendar year. They’ve been found to be quite helpful for many bettors, it wouldn’t hurt to try them out yourself. Before you even stake your first rugby union match, we highly recommend going through our rugby tips guide for beginners:

  • Shop for the Best Odds – we cannot stress this enough, before placing a bet on the team you feel is best suited to win, make sure that you look for the best betting odds available on the rugby match. This will in all likelihood influence your eventual bets and overall winning.
  • Set a Betting Limit – with the number of rugby union tournaments that take place simultaneously, you won’t be judged for getting carried away. To avoid that, set a predetermined limit on the bankroll you will use and do not exceed it.
  • Head-to-Head Encounters – it is common knowledge that there are countries that generally perform well at tournaments than in friendly matches. Take note of how the teams fared in previous encounters, paying attention to the scores. They will indicate if a team generally defends or has had the upper hand in recent games against the opposition.
  • Do not make emotional bets – this tip applies to every sports genre. Punters should avoid making future bets on rugby teams that aren’t doing well. If you are betting on international tournaments, treat your nationality as just another side.

Rugby Union Tournaments to Bet on in South Africa

There are a handful of top rugby union competitions to bet on. You are best placed to find your favourite rugby matches from the sports gambling sites that we recommend. Take a look at some of the popular rugby union tournaments that you will find online bookies:

  • Super Rugby – this is probably the most competitive rugby union club’s tournament in the world. The best rugby sides from the southern hemisphere fighting it out to be crowned the best. Teams from Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand pit their wits to figure out who is the top dog.
  • IRB Rugby World Cup – the IRB Rugby World Cup takes place every four years and every player wants to take part in it. This year will see the best countries jet off to Japan to fight for national pride and bring home the silverware. Do your country duty online and stake on your country winning the cup.
  • The Rugby Championship – fans of the sport will be aware of the fact that the rugby championship is anyone’s game. Rugby sides that typically dominate the sport such as New Zealand come up against Argentina, South Africa and neighbours Australia.
  • Six Nations – this exclusive tournament is contested by countries in the northern hemisphere and consists of the best European rugby teams such as Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Italy.