Rugby League Betting Sites SAThe rugby league is a popular category of rugby, mostly played in Europe and Australia. It is different to the rugby matches that you will find played in South Africa, whereby the version played there is called Rugby Union. The major difference between the two variants is that the former has 15 players in each team on the field while the Rugby League matches consist of only 13. You can learn more about the differences between the two, along with how to bet on rugby league in our guide. Our expert tipsters provide rugby league betting predictions all year round to help you win. Find the best rugby league betting sites online and start winning today.

Best Rugby Betting Websites South Africa

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Rugby League Betting Odds

In order to understand just how popular rugby league is, you can find it at South African rugby betting sites even though it doesn’t exist locally. In South Africa, the only type of rugby played is rugby union games. Besides the difference in the number of players, the rugby league is quite simple to follow. Firstly, this version of rugby is less physical than rugby union matches. It does not feature any mauls or rucks that has commonly been challenged by fans for sometimes delaying the flow of the game.

In place of the missing mauling and rusks, the play is stopped when a player is tackled. Each team is given a maximum of six tackles before the possession of the ball is overturned for failure to score points. As a result, the number of points awarded to the rugby team for scoring a try or penalty conversion are less than in rugby union games. With this knowledge you can make more informed wagers online. Discover which rugby union betting markets you can to find at top sportsbooks online in South Africa.

Rugby League Betting Predictions

Popular Rugby League Competitions

Our expert gamblers provide rugby league predictions 2019 for fans that enjoy betting on several rugby games. There are three popular rugby league tournaments that you can bet on:

Super League Rugby 2018/19

The Super Rugby League is based in Europe and is the most recognised rugby league competition in the world. The Super League table consists of 12 teams that verse each other every week. Of the total teams in the competition, only one team is from outside England (French team). You can bet on serial winners Leeds Rhinos rugby club to defend the Betfred Super League title. Alternatively, put your money on St. Helens to put an end to the reign.

National Rugby League (NRL)

The NRL is a Southern Hemisphere rugby competition featuring 16 rugby teams. Only one team originates from outside Australia (New Zealand). Every team fights from March to October to qualify for the NRL Grand Final. Check out the rugby predictions today to see which team is likely to make it through.

Rugby League Challenge Cup

The Rugby League Challenge Cup is the premier knockout cup competition that combines the best four sides from the Super League as well as League 1 and Championship teams. The rugby league championship betting odds are improved drastically when a team from the so-called ‘smaller’ leagues make it out the third round.

Expert Rugby League Tips

For players that are just now getting familiar with the rugby league and all the different competitions, we feature free rugby betting tips for your convenience. Our betting guide is put together by experts that have found certain bets to offer a reasonably higher chance of winning than others. Find rugby league tips for this weekend and bet today:

  • Our rugby league tipsters recommend that players opt for rugby handicap betting options. The rugby league scores tend to be high because of the many tries, drop goals, and penalty conversions. Bet on St. Helens winning by a 10-point margin and win.
  • If fortune does not favour you and your bet is not coming true, quickly turn to live in-play rugby league odds. You can overturn your bet and recoup losses by betting on live action.
  • Players should study the rugby league fixtures in advance. It’ll assist in knowing when the difficult matches are played and bet accordingly.
  • You can bet on the individual to score a try in a high scoring match and win big. Predict the top try scorer and boost your overall payout.