Parlay Betting StrateyParlay betting is probably one of the most common sports wagers in the world. Punters have probably made a parlay bet on at least one occasion in their betting career. Parlay gambling is mostly picked by players that want to combine multiple bets in order to get a huge payout. There is a general risk that comes with sports betting parlay, however, the payout justifies the risk involved.

Discover how does a parlay work in betting in our comprehensive guide for online punters in South Africa. We have collected the best odds for parlay betting online to help you make an informed bet. Our expert tipsters have provided the best parlay strategy for different sporting competitions you will find locally and internationally. Find our top 5 parlay betting sites in South Africa that you can sign up to and start winning today.

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Parlay Betting Explained: What Is Parlay Betting?

In sports betting, bettors come across numerous betting lines that feature all types of odds. When your pick does not pay out a lot, players start betting on more than a single bet. A progressive parlay bet involves wagering on more than one team in a single betting slip. The addition of more bets increases the odds and ultimately the overall payout. Punters must remember that in a parlay, your bet wins only when all your predictions become successful.

There are several types of parlay bets, and the combination is based on the amount that a player wants to win. You can make 15 team parlay odds every single week, combining different sports to increase the total payout. Here’s a list of the different parlay bets online you can find at South African betting sites.

Types of Parlay Odds & Payouts

Seeing how parlay works better when you have more bets on your card, you can combine several lines to make your payout increase. Here’s a list of some of the most popular parlay combinations that South African punters pick online:

  • Money Line Parlay Betting – this bet involves selecting the result of more than one tie in a single bet. All the teams you pegged as favourites must win their respective games in order for the betting card to payout.
  • Parlay Futures – a punter’s parlay betting card can consist of predictions on the winner of the tournament including every game of the team pegged as the winner during the round robin stage of the competition.
  • Over/Under Bets – players that are apprehensive on betting on the accurate result of multiple teams can predict the total points of each game. This is a relatively safer bet to make because each league competition generally has an expected average number of goals per match over time.
  • Point Spreads Parlays – parlay bets in sports also includes point spread bets that have teams pegged as the favourites having to win by a certain point margin. This bet increases the payout only when players employ a strategy when betting.

Sports Parlay Betting System

For you to get all your bets correct, you have to use the best parlay strategy. There are different betting strategies for different events, which depend on a player’s fulfilment at the end of the day.

  • Two-team or three-team parlay bets are the most common wagers that punters generally pick. You can increase the odds by placing a bet of a substantial amount to make the bet worth it. It is safer than making bets on more than three betting lines on the same ticket.
  • Most punters mix parlay betting lines in order to take advantage of the different odds in each betting market. For example, you can wager on a basketball playoff game along with a cricket match to improve your overall payout.
  • Players should be aware that the parlay payouts are different based on the combination of bets selected. That is, money line parlay gambling bets only payout big if punters predict the underdogs to cause an upset.
  • It is also wise to note how the parlay calculator works. The bookmaker calculates the vigorish on every wager. Thus, the more the parlay bet accumulates, the higher the risk and the more the bookies’ charge.

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