Moneyline Betting StrategyMoneyline betting is probably the most popular bet that’s punters pick at both online and at local bookmaker branches. It involves simply choosing the team that is going to win the match. While many bets may involve making sure that certain conditions are met before you win, moneyline sports betting is only focused on the point difference in the final result. You will win when the team you have chosen has a better point differential than the other.

Our sports betting 101 moneyline guide gives an in-depth understanding of how moneyline betting works, and how players can win placing a moneyline wager on sports. Whether you are betting on soccer, boxing or tennis, money line bets will involve choosing the winner of the contest to win. Find the best moneyline sports betting websites in South Africa below and place your wager today!

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What Does Moneyline Mean in Betting?

Sportsbooks across the world feature moneyline odds as their primary betting market in all the different sporting codes. Money line bets are represented by the odds, depending on the format used at the sportsbook website. Also known as the win bet, sports betting sites that use American odds format will indicate their odds using positive or negative. In order to understand how to bet online using moneyline, you must know how to differentiate between the favourite and the underdog.

The favourites to win the match will be displayed with a negative sign (-) while the underdogs will be displayed with a positive sign (+). Betting sites that use decimal odds (European) format tend to use decimal figures to indicate the probability of a team winning. The figures indicate how much you have to bet to win R100. Here’s the difference between favourite vs underdog moneyline betting:

Betting Moneyline Favorites

Online bookmakers use their discretion to pick the favourites for a match. Public opinion can also sway the odds to make the distinction between favourites and underdogs marginal. Moneyline bets on the favourites to win a game usually doesn’t pay a lot in comparison to predicting an upset and betting on the underdog.

Money line bets

Betting Moneyline Underdogs

Underdogs are the teams that are predicted to lose the match. Either they cannot match their rivals in terms of experience, history of winning matches or they have the better players. When betting on the underdog, the payout is generally high because you will be going against the public.

Is Betting the Moneyline Smart?

Punters commonly want to know whether tipsters recommend money line betting. The answer is always the same. Of course, you can make money line bets worth it by increasing the overall stake and betting on the favourites to win. Alternatively, you can predict an upset and stake your money on the underdogs to get high payouts.

In most cases, our expert tipsters advise bettors to opt for moneyline parlay betting. This involves having more than one team on your betting slip/ticket that you predict to win the match to increase your payout. Additionally, you can improve your odds with moneyline live betting and stake on in-play matches where there’s an advantage has been given to a certain team. This means you can bet on the team that has already scored to win, which almost guarantees a win for you too.

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