Triple Crown Races Triple Crown betting involves horse racing wagering on the best-thoroughbred competitions in the world. This list includes betting on the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and Preakness competition. Getting the correct order of the winners in these races is very difficult, hence why we’ve collected tips from pro horse gamblers. There have only been 13 horses that have won all three races in a single calendar year.

These stats show just how difficult it is to win the Triple Crown. You can find a list of Triple Crown contenders for 2019, thoroughbreds that have the likelihood of winning all races. Find a list of horse racing betting sites in South Africa and start playing today. Bet on horses to win the Triple Crown and win big today!

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What is the Triple Crown?

The Triple Crown of US Thoroughbred Racing is a contest between the fastest three-year-old thoroughbred that takes part in three prestigious races in America. The crown races take place every year and run from May to June in a period spanning five weeks. Each race track is different from the next, which makes horses that are able to win in all these racecourses that much more impressive. Horse racing fans would have come across at least one Triple Crown race in their betting history. Find out which races form part of US tote betting and start placing your bets online.

Bet on the Triple Crown Odds

The Triple Crown order kicks off with the Kentucky Derby. You can find the best horse racing betting sites that offer promotions and bonuses on the competition online. Nowadays, punters can watch and wager horse racing bets without having to leave their homes. Here’s a full list of Triple Crown horse race challenge that runners need to overcome:

Bet on the Kentucky Derby

In early May, horse racing fans wager on three-year-old thoroughbreds that race at the Churchill Downs Racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky. Horse trainers and jockeys from around the world take part in the ¼ mile long dirt to determine the winner. A total of 20 horses race for the coveted jackpot prize of $2 million.

Preakness Betting Online

The 2019 Preakness bets soon follow, at the Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland. The overall number thoroughbreds that take part in the race contest is reduced to 14. The horse race is only 1-mile of dirt around an oval racecourse, making it an even tighter contest between the thoroughbreds that qualified for the race.

Betting on Belmont Stakes 2019

Find the latest odds for the Belmont Stakes for 2019 and bet online. As the third and last horse race in the series, you will have an impression of which horses have the upper hand and which ones are the weaklings in the group. The Belmont Stakes distance stands at 1 ½ mile long racecourse and is contested by 16 runners.

Triple Crown Betting Tips

Looking for horse bets today, well look no further. Before 2015 and last year’s (2018) heroics by Justify, it had been a long time since any champion won the Triple Crown. As already mentioned, only 13 horses have achieved this feat in the past, which speaks to the difficulty of the contest. As a result, our expert tipsters compiled a horse betting guide for the Triple Crown punters:

  • Kentucky Derby winners generally perform better than any winners of the other racecourses. It is the longest dirt course and the perfect race to gauge the thoroughbred’s endurance.
  • The fewer the number of runners does not necessarily make betting on horse race any easier. Some horse trainers pick their races and don’t participate in all three races.
  • Always check the history of the horses, trainers and jockeys to establish their chances of winning.

Past Triple Crown Winners

2015American Pharoah
1977Seattle Slew
1943Count Fleet
1937War Admiral
1930Gallant Fox
1919Sir Barton