Best Fantasy Soccer Betting WebsitesWith the start of the 2019/20 season on the horizon, players are eager to start betting on the Fantasy Premier League football. It is the most popular fantasy sports league in the world, with tons of cash prizes on the line. Bettors already enjoying watching the English Premier League (EPL), now they can put their knowledge to good use and make money. Our guide will teach you all you need to know about how to bet on fantasy soccer, how to use your budget wisely and how to win every time.

South African punters consume a lot of EPL football, with knowledge of the top six football sides in England. Our fantasy premier league beginner’s guide ensures that you not only rely on players from the big teams but extend your budget to maximise your points. Below is a list of betting sites that allow South African bettors to bet on fantasy sports online. Sign up today and get a betting bonus to use on fantasy daily sports betting.

Best Fantasy Soccer Betting Websites

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What You Will Find on this Fantasy Premier League Betting Guide

How to Bet on Fantasy Premier League

Players that are interested in betting on fantasy sports will already be passionate fans of the sport. That means that whichever sport they choose, one would be expected to follow the games and the players that take part in it. Fantasy sports betting involves creating a star-studded team of players that will compete for points every week for the remainder of the season. As the manager of the side, bettors will be given a budget that they need to stick to when forming their team. There are hundreds of pools that players can create, all featuring different rosters of the best players in the Premier League.

SA punters will earn points by selecting a list of players that perform well during a specified round of games. Each week, teams will play football games that determine their league position. It is similar in fantasy football; you get awarded points based on the individual player performance along with the result of the match. The salary cap ensures that bettors cannot only have marquee players from big teams. You need to have a balance of the best players from all the 20 teams playing in the Premier League.

English Premier League Fantasy Football Odds

If you reckon that you are the best Barclays Fantasy Football manager, enter into a pool of players that stake the most amount of money. There is a difference between playing fantasy soccer for fun and for real money. In order to make money, players need to register and deposit funds into their betting account. When you join a group, you can select a competition that you want to compete in and enrol with the betting requirements specified.

  • You can compete in an EPL fantasy domestic tournament.
  • You can select a head-to-head competition between you and a single player. This can be for a single round of matches, a tournament or just one game.
  • Players have the option of choosing a season-long league battle between a number of players that each stake a predetermined bet to be eligible to win.

Premier League Fantasy Football Odds

Fantasy Soccer Leagues Rules

Like everything in life, there are terms and conditions that ensure that the game is played fair. In fantasy sports betting, these are the most common betting rules at every sportsbook online:
1. Players have to stick to their salary cap
2. You cannot select more than three players from the same team.
3. Bettors receive the most amount of points based on the player’s performance. If a player scores a goal, assists or keeps a clean sheet they earn points.
4. Points are deducted when players perform badly. That is, a player that receives a red card during a game will impact your overall point score badly.
5. Players that don’t feature in the game will not receive any points. This includes players that are on the bench.

Fantasy Premier League Tips

For beginners that are starting out with fantasy soccer betting, we recommend following these simple tips to win every time.

  • Research the team and the players that will be participating in the game.
  • Keep in touch with the reports on the game from preview shows, the football club website and the latest news for updates. This helps you avoid having a player that will be injured on your starting line-up.
  • Choose a short competition if you won’t have the stamina to watch the entire season.
  • You should always update players once each round is finished, do not remain with the same players for every round.