College Basketball Betting OddsCollege basketball is amongst the most popular sports betting markets in the United States. Fans of sport understand that the future NBA players come from college basketball games. Nowadays, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) games are televised around the world because they pull in the same numbers. What’s more, top online bookmakers feature betting odds on college basketball games. The NCAA college basketball season begins in mid-November right through to March. The culmination of a full season of college basketball ends with a NCAA tournament dubbed March Madness.

For punters that are familiar with basketball gambling, this is essentially another interpretation of the same thing. Except while you would be betting on pro basketball players, college basketball features the best freshman hooping for a chance to play in the big league. Go through our comprehensive guide to understanding NCAA basketball odds along with the most popular betting lines that payout.

Best College Basketball Betting Sites

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College Lines for Basketball Betting

Wager on the next generation of B-ball players at the best college basketball betting sites in South Africa. Our expert tipsters provide predictions based on who plays tonight NCAA basketball. For players that are looking for the betting lines that have a great potential payout,

  • Moneyline Betting – this bet comes standard in college basketball betting online. Based on your assessment, you choose a team that has the best odds of winning a match.
  • NCAA Basketball Spread Picks – in point spread bets, punters wager on a team performing better than what the online bookie predicts. For example, if you know that Duke will win a match by a 10-point margin, you will win.
  • Future Betting Lines College Basketball – betting on the winner of March Madness winner before the tournament begins is the very definition of future bets. These are long term bets on results that will be available after weeks or months.
  • Total/Over-Under Betting – based on how a team has performed over a certain period, you can bet on the overall total of the score. For example, bet on a fixture between Providence and Cincinnati scoring over 100 points when the game is finished.

2019/20 NCAAB Championship Winner Predictions

It becomes tricky to predict the outright college basketball winner because the NCAA Championship is divided into conferences that have their strength and weaknesses. If we go by legacy and the number of times schools have won, you would automatically peg UCLA and Kentucky as favourites. However, in recent times, basketball sides like North Carolina and Duke have dominated their conferences and won tournaments in the process. Use our NCAA best bets college basketball betting advice to win every time. Check out the betting tips for the different NCAA basketball team.

Best College Basketball Betting Sites

Betting on College Basketball Tips

Around the time when March Madness tournament begins, college basketball teams would have gone through a lot of games. This is because the championship has 68-team in a bracket-style tournament. Some players tend to burnout during this time and get injured as a result.

Just like betting on NBA games, players generally have an idea of what each bet means. For example, a bracket bet is similar to an outright bet where you predict the winners of every game of the competition. It is important to remember that with this bet, you have to make the bracket before the first game is played. This means that players need to understand the nuances of NCAA betting before they wager on a game. Put our tips to the ultimate test on bet on college basketball games today and win!